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the ART of
your STORY

Your Wedding Photos - the Second Diamond of your Enduring Love

Your rings and photos are a lifetime investment. Symbolic of your forever love.
You can always re-do your rings but you cannot re-do your photos.


My clients avoid the ordinary and the popular. They need to be authentic to themselves and they know trends fade. They value finding something extraordinary and rare -
a timeless expression of their uniqueness.

I am inspired by you. 

the emotion of moments captured

My obsession lies in capturing the pinnacle of every moment for you - the split second that marks the crescendo and sets the extraordinary apart from the ordinary. This pursuit of mastery is what fuels my passion for photography, all to provide you with unforgettable memories.

the GUIDANCE to look their best

Many people, particularly women, appreciate the careful attention and guidance I provide regarding body position before photographing them. This attention to detail through the art of perfect body lines, ensure that you look stunning, making you feel confident and beautiful in every shot.

the B&W photos

By stripping away color, the focus is entirely on you and your emotions. Clients love my signature black & white photos, which seamlessly intertwine candid moments and artistry to create timeless images.

What others have loved about my work

Jean Pierre is a renowned wedding and event photographer who has spent two decades mastering his craft. Jean Pierre’s work captures imaginations and the beauty of the world around us. It touches hearts and amplifies the essence of the people he portrays. An extraordinary craftsman, artist, and storyteller he stands apart from the crowd as one of the most experienced and gifted photographers in New York City and around the world.

a 20 year pursuit of mastery of my craft


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Jean-Pierre's work is truly mesmerizing. It's not just that he takes beautiful, happy photographs of parties, but he also creates a glamour and atmosphere that are totally compelling. I adored working with him!
- Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa

Making YOUR most
memorable day - UNFORGETTABLE!

Over 600 "I do's" - since 2001

My tips for the
discovery process

your vision

Ask yourself if you can "see yourself"  in the photographer's photos and if the style of the photos inspires you and is how you want to be captured.  Style is inherent, so what you see is how they will photograph you.  

schedule a call

It is very important that you schedule a call with the photographer and not just communicate over email. This allows you to discuss your needs, understand their approach, and see if your are a good fit.

book early

Finalize the package, review the contract and secure your photographer as soon as possible. There are many brides and not so many dates on the calendar, therefore book early so you have peace of mind. Actually it's more like - happy dance time!

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